khrag rlung stod ‘tshangs, stod ‘tshangs, khrag rlung nad

ཁྲག་རླུང་སྟོད་འཚངས། སྟོད་འཚངས། ཁྲག་རླུང་ནད། (Wyl. khrag-rlung-stod-‘tshangs / stod-‘tshangs / khrag-rlung-nad). Disorder rLung in blood or Tö-tshang disease.

Traditional sources describe it in such way. This is a disease in which the bad blood (ཁྲག་ངན། Wyl. khrag-ngan), stirred up by the all pervasive lung (ཁྱབ་བྱེད་རླུང་། Wyl. khyab-byed-rlung) accumulates in the upper part of the body, accompanied by the blood vessels bulging and shortness of breath. The symptoms are: feeling that your head aches or bursting, pulsation in the head, episodic pain in the neck, insomnia, memory loss, ringing in the ears, numbness in the hands, emotional stress, fatigue, inflated blood vessels are clearly visible. Described above clinical picture of the disease from the point of view of Western medicine in general corresponds to hypertension.

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